SpeedyPress Steam Press Stand | Height Adjustable Collapsible Stand| For use with SpeedyPress 80HD and 100HD Steam Iron Press | Equipped with 4 legs and anti-slip feet

  • $149.99

CUSTOM MADE: Compatible with SpeedyPress 80HD and 100HD Steam Press Only

DURABLE: Telescopic 4 Legged Stand with Anti-Slip feet

FLEXIBLE: Height-Adjustable between 23-32 Inches. Includes Screws to Secure the Press

MOBILE: Collapsible for Easy Stowing. Lightweight. Solid Construction



If you love using the steam press but don’t  want to occupy your current surface while using it, or you would like the SpeedyPress 100HD/80HD to be a permanent fixture in your space without losing your current surfaces, purchase this custom-made stand for use with your SpeedyPress 100HD or 80HD Steam Press. Custom designed with your Steam Press in mind, the Steam Press Stand will enhance the use of the SpeedyPress Steam Press while adding convenience to an already pleasurable experience