SpeedyPress Anti Scale Water Filter for 100HD and 80HD Steam Press

  • $15.99

Anti-Limescale Water Softening Filter Cartridge for the full range of our Professional Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Presses by SpeedyPress:

Unique anti-scale water filter cartridge to extend the lifetime of your SpeedyPress HD ironing press and its steam function.
Thanks to the cartridge, you can use sink water.
It is very easy to replace the water filter cartridge.
Filters should be replaced regularly (every 6-12 months, depending on the frequency of use of the press); the resin will turn purple when expired.
The crystals come inside the cartridge, ready to just pop into your press cleaner.
The cartridge filters your water and corrects its pH so that it is almost neutral.
The use of these anti-scale filters avoids the scaling of the steam generator.
The replacement period will depend on water hardness and amount of steam used.
Your press will indicate when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
We advise you to replace your filter cartridge when the color change of the resin to purple reaches approx. 0.5cm from the top edge of the cartridge.