Speedy Press Oversize Pressing Iron/ Steam Press| Ultra XL Electronic Iron Press w/ 100LBs. of Pressing Pressure for Home/Business| Multiple Steam Functions & Temp Settings, Large Pressing Surface

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  • IRONING POWERHOUSE: With an ULTRA XL pressing surface of 33.5”, intuitive operation and precision settings for a multitude of fabrics, you can enjoy professional ironing results at home, at less than half of the time it takes you today, in 3 simple motions- Open, Shut, Done.

    ULTRA XL 33.5” PRESSING SURFACE: Iron to perfection all linens, garments & larger items at a fraction of the time. Anything from regular clothes like shirts & pants, to oversized items like drapes & tablecloths that usually take hours of tedious manual ironing, will now be an effortless breeze to get through.

    USE IT ONCE-MASTER IT: All it takes is one use and you will learn the Speedy Press XL pressing iron like the back of your hand. Use the LARGE DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN to easily choose the exact function & temperature and enjoy the smooth, one-hand operation.

    VERSATILE IRONING POWERHOUSE: Our light-weight yet powerful iron press is host to automatic/ manual steam burst functions & multiple dry steam settings for all your needs. This ironing machine can deliver 100lbs of pressing pressure and you can stack multiple fabrics for enhanced, speedier results.

    LEAVES NO SHINE: Our electronic steam press features an advanced, fully padded heat reflective cover, making it an ideal choice for pressing delicate fabrics without leaving any shine.  SPEEDY PRESS has a legacy in steam press pioneering, and we are more than excited to show you how easy ironing can be!

Time To Upgrade With the Speedy Press Ultra XL Iron Press Kit

Ironing clothes for a whole family and especially ironing large fabrics like draperies is extremely time consuming, tedious and strenuous.

Technology however, has come a long way and Speedy Press’ Pioneering legacy in Steaming Machines, knows how to take pressure off your shoulders, and onto your clothes; for a faster, far easier ironing process.


Our Steaming Machine comes with

  • AUTOMATIC CONTROL: The press will release a burst of steam when pressing plate is approx. 3’’ above the bed
  • MANUAL CONTROL: You’re in complete control over when and for how long the steam should work by operating the switches on the handle.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Precision Dry & Steam settings for materials like nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen that can be easily chosen via an easy to use large, touch screen

Simply put, it’s impossible to not achieve the perfect pressed look, every single time, with minimum effort.


Our hot iron press comes complete with extra pressing cushion, measuring cup, spray bottle and an extra pressing board cover, so you are set for years to come.


Whether you need an iron steaming powerhouse at your home or you have a business like a high-end restaurant, small cleaners, hand crafting business or anything that requires perfection in ironing, we got you covered.

Speedy Press is dedicated to improving its Customers’ lives- You always come first & we guarantee you will never go back to traditional ironing.

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