Why use an Ironing Press?


Ironing clothing and pressing draperies with a regular iron is tedious, tiring and takes up too much time. Purchasing our top-quality steam irons allow you to maintain the properly pressed appearance you demand from your clothing and home furnishings without breaking your budget, all while freeing up time to focus your efforts and attention on important aspect of your life.

With its heat reflective base plate, full length Teflon heating plate and power steam jets, the SpeedyPress steam press will give your laundry a superb professional finish, time after time. You can use this press either as a dry press or steam press with its convenient and easy-to-use controls.


We have researched the entire array of garment pressing products available for the mid level consumer, and have designed a product that far outperforms even the closest competitor. Additional features included on many of the SpeedyPress models display a commitment to making products with the needs of our consumers in mind. That's why all models of SpeedyPress are available with a steam press stand designed to support that particular model, and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Additional Features on some models include:

  • Automatic steam
  • LED displays for accurate temperature readings
  • Removable oversized water tank
  • Washable and heat reflective pressing board cover
  • Extra accessories to ease ironing activity
  • Included extra pressing board covers